Cuba sells cigars, and campaigns against smoking.

Smoking in Cuba is not very restricted. Public Health does campaign against smoking, but it is not an aggressive campaign fashioned as a moral crusade. There is no “de-normalization” of the smoker. People are aware of the health hazards but as a smoker you are never stigmatized nor made feel as an undesirable. Smoking is allowed in a lot of bars and restaurants, mostly in terraces but many times also indoors. Lots of folks allow you to smoke inside their houses, even if they don’t smoke (they open a window). The whether is warm/hot, so (as in all Latin America) a lot of socializing takes place outdoors, and thus smoking outdoors does not feel like being exiled.

On cigars: the notion that cigars “stink” is a myth, only low quality cigars (factory made) smell badly. Good prime cigars (hand made) smell nicely (something non-smokers agree, save for antismoking fanatics). Also, you never inhale when smoking cigars, the pleasure is not getting the fast nicotine hitch by a deep inhalation, but enjoying the taste and flavor while the smoke lingers in your mouth and nose. Nicotine is absorbed at a much slower pace through the oral mucosa. Cigar smoking is far less hazardous than cigarette smoking (lots of studies show it), though it produces a lot more smoke, so those obsessed by the allegaed harms of SHS hate it more than cigarettes. Of course, the differences between cigars and cigarettes do not cut the ice with the anti-smoking fanatics, for whom even the almost odorless e-cigs are “killing babies”.
Finally, the rumor that Fidel kept smoking cigars privately is very widespread, and likely to be true because in Cuba he is (or at least was until 10 years ago) a totemic figure. Whether you like him or hate him, he is always talked about. At least he may have smoked privately before he had his major health breakdown 10 years ago, which by the way had nothing to do with smoking (it was officially a crippling intestine problem).